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A study of the Old Testament world with its history, religion, culture, and literature. Development in historiography and the integration of archaeological discoveries are considered.

A study of central biblical-theological themes in the Old Testament. This study includes reflections on the history and methodologies of Old Testament Theology along with specific theological trajectories.

An exegetical study of the book of Esther in the Hebrew text. The primary approach is narratological, however, there is also emphasis on historico-grammatical analysis. The student's knowledge of Hebrew grammar, syntax and vocabulary is fully exploited in this course.

An introduction to the critical study of the Old Testament. History of interpretation and developments in manuscript evidence will be considered, along with a study of the major books.

Studies the theology of the Wisdom Literature with emphasis on the themes of creation, suffering, birth and death, retribution and immortality as found in the boos of Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and selected "Wisdom" Psalms.

An examination will be made of the key doctrines of the Old Testament in the light of their historical background and progressive revelation given to the patriarchs and biblical authors that followed. Special attention will be given to such matters as grace, faith, judgement, man, sin, covenant, and the doctrine of God. Discussions will include the difference between Systematic and Biblical Theology, and a review made of various Old Testament theologians and the methods they employed in Old Testament Theology.

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